Mouth cancer awareness

Happy new year!

New year heralds new beginnings and a string of resolutions. My first and most important resolution for 2019 is to increase awareness of my patients and the public about mouth cancer, the risk factors contributing to the disease, its signs and early detection of it.

Most of my patients do not consider themselves to be at any risk of developing mouth cancer despite admitting to making risky life style choices which contribute to the disease.

So what are these risky life style choices:

  • Top of the list is tobacco. Tobacco consumption whether chewing or smoking habits increase the risk of many disease including mouth cancer.
  • Alcohol. Many people are not aware that their weekly intake of alcohol exceeds the government’s weekly alcohol intake limit of 14 units.
  • Sexual contact. Three quarter of sexually active adults are not aware of the implication of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in mouth cancer. HPV is well known as the cause of venereal wart. The virus can be transmitted to the mouth during the oral sex and cause periodontal disease as well as mouth cancer.

The prevalence of mouth cancer has increased by 135% over the last generation and heavy smoker and alcohol consumers are 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer. My mission is to make my patients make healthier life style choices. it is naive if not foolish to think “it cannot happen to me “.

Having said that it is important to remember that if you don’t smoke or drink it doesn’t mean you are not at risk of developing mouth cancer. You have to be aware of of the signs of mouth cancer.

What are the signs of mouth cancer?

Look out for:

  • Mouth ulcers which are not healing and have lasted more than three weeks. Other signs are
  • Red and white patches and
  • Unusual lumps and swellings.

Position of mouth cancer: Mouth cancer can happen in the mouth, lips, tongue or throat. If you are at higher risk of mouth cancer keep regular dental checkups and be vigilant of the signs. Early detection and Diagnosis gives you the best possible chance of beating the disease. Please check your mouth today and if you notice anything abnormal get it checked by your dentist immediately. Also forward this information to the people you care for.

Together we can beat the mouth cancer.

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