60 is the new 30

60 is the new middle age! Thanks to the improvement in general health and hygiene and advances in medicine and technology people get to leave longer happier lives. These days “60” is the new middle age. That is the time many retired /semi-retired people embark on fun activities which were once out of reach due to work, children and money problems.

White natural looking teeth are symbol of youth! People are keeping their teeth longer than ever in history because of the availability of modern dental care and treatments. Top of everybody’s wish list is whiter straighter teeth with an irresistible beautiful smile.

Tooth whitening is one of the most sought after dental treatments. The best performing tooth whitening kit is Enlighten. The manufacturers guarantee a B1 shade after two weeks of treatment with this home whitening kit. The other well-known brand is Philips Zoom which is a best seller in the United States.

At Caspian Dental Clinic we offer both brands to our patients. We also offer Smile Make over, the essence of which is working on the teeth in the smile zone to improve their shape, position and colour to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. We may need to straighten the teeth to correct their position and treat the crowding, for that we provide invisible braces and Inman aligner orthodontic appliances. Our dentist is a certified provider of both systems. We can also correct minor malposition and colour of the teeth by providing porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain fronts which are fitted on the surface of the front teeth to improve the appearance of them. For people who may prefer less advanced treatments, we offer mini smile makeovers. Mini smile makeovers include a hygienist visit followed by minor reshaping of the edges and contour of the teeth and possibly placement of direct bindings on the teeth where required. Tooth whitening can be incorporated into mini smile makeover at the beginning if the patient wishes so.

Another area which has been popular with the patients, is replacement of metal restorations with white ones. We provide white fillings and full porcelain crowns and bridges to meet the demand. Another must have treatment for the new middle aged is anti-wrinkle treatment with Botulinum toxin Type A and dermal fillers. Our dentist provides anti-wrinkle treatment with Botulinum toxin Type A and dermal fillers such as Juvoderm range and restylane. Dermal fillers can be used to augment the volume in the facial tissue especially lips. We can recontour and reshape lips using dermal fillers to create fuller kissable lips.

You can see some of our treatments on our case study page https://www.caspiandentalclinic.com/case-studies and can read our patients’ testimonials on https://www.caspiandentalclinic.com/client-comments To enjoy our dental rejuvenating services in a modern relaxing environment please come and visit us at Caspian Dental Clinic. We are 100 yards away from Bushey Train station. Your perfect smile is not that far away.

We are pleased to use the following in our treatments