Mini Smile makeover

What is a mini smile make over?

A mini smile make over usually consists of a hygienist appointment, followed by home tooth whitening and minute tooth reshaping to improve the appearance of the teeth. Mini smile makeover works very well for people who want to improve their smile on a budget or people who want to enhance their smile before a big event like a mile stone birthday or a graduation day quickly.

Smokers and coffee lovers who suffer from stubborn stains, can benefit from stain blaster with bicarbonate soda (type of polish) to get rid of the brown stains prior to the tooth whitening. The tooth whitening will take a couple of weeks.

Finally the height, shape or contour of the teeth will be mildly adjusted to create a more harmonious tooth arrangement.

Although the treatment is very conservative, the results can be magnificent.

To revamp your smile for as little as £599, call us today on 01923254979. Your most confident, irresistible and whitest smile is a phone call away.

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