ABB, The minimally invasive Smile Make Over

 When it comes to smile make over, the first thing which springs to the mind of most people is a mouth full of veneers and porcelain restorations. However as dentistry evolves towards more conservative grounds, the wall to wall veneers are losing their rank in smile make over treatments.

The objectives of a smile makeover treatment are:

  1.  To correct the position of the teeth in the smile zone
  2. To correct the size and shape of the teeth in the smile zone
  3. To correct the shade of the teeth in the smile zone.

Veneers are the quick fix which can provide all the three above objectives, but some tooth preparation is necessary to create a well-defined receiving area for the veneer. Although this tooth removal will be kept to the minimum required amount, it still is an irreversible procedure as the dental structure will not be regenerated after it is gone.

ABB stands for ALIGNMENT, BLEACHING AND BONDING. ABB is a minimally invasive approach which respects the anatomy of the teeth and the equilibrium of the oral environment.

The selection criteria for ABB approach in a patient are:

  1. Mild or moderate mal-alignment or crowding
  2. No existing crown/bridge work in the smile zone
  3. No active gum disease
  4. Good oral hygiene
  5. 100% commitment to the treatment and 100% compliance
  6. Patient is not pressed for time

In ABB, the Alignment of the teeth in the smile zone are corrected by means of short term orthodontic treatments such as invisible braces (ClearSmileAigners) or Inman aligners. On average, the procedure takes between 6 to 24 months.

Then the patient’s teeth are whitened to enhance the colour before the final touches to the shape of the teeth are done. After the teeth have been whitened, direct bonding restorations are placed on the teeth which need slight reshaping to correct their size or shape. These direct boding restorations will be matched to the new colour of the teeth. The end results are as impressive as the wall to wall veneer preparations.

We provide smile make overs with the most desired outcomes at Caspian Dental Clinic. If you have been thinking about enhancing your smile, whether with as little as tooth whitening or as much as a full smile make over, give us a call on 01923254979. We are Caspian, We are simply excellent.

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