Healthy gums do not bleed

Gums are the soft tissue surrounding your teeth, when healthy, they will be greyish pale pink in colour and firm and thin in texture. More importantly healthy gums do not bleed. Healthy gums have important roles:

  1. They support the teeth in place
  2. They act as the defence barrier against plaque and bacteria

Gum disease is caused by bacteria inside the plaque, it is very common and anybody at any age can suffer from it.

Most people are not aware that they have gum disease because most of the times the gum disease is quiet and does not cause any pain.

It starts with plaque accumulation around the teeth. The toxins and acid produced by the bacteria inside the plaque will irritate the gums. In response to the irritation, the gums become inflamed and start to bleed. The inflammation of the gum is called gingivitis. If the gingivitis is not addressed, the gums start to detach from the teeth and recede. The space between the detached gum and tooth surface is called a pocket. The pocket is difficult to clean and will exacerbate the plaque gathering. The plaque which has not been removed, start to become calcified .The calcified plaque is called calculus or tartar. It escalates the irritation and the inflammation beyond the gums to the bones surrounding the teeth. The affected bones will start to recede, first the root surfaces of the teeth will become exposed and visible and when the bone recession has become advanced, the teeth will lose their anchorage inside the bone and will become progressively loose.

The effects of the gum disease on the bones are irreversible and will end up in losing the teeth. Some people will suffer from the abscesses along that path. Therefore it is best to address the gum disease at the initial stages when the inflammation is limited to gums. If your gums are bleeding, do not ignore them. Act quickly and seek advice from your dentist. At Caspian Dental Clinic we believe prevention is better than cure. Brush and floss your teeth and use an antiseptic mouth wash at least twice a day; also keep regular appointments for your dental check up and see the hygienist regularly to avoid gum disease and its side effects.

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