Is make-up application after injectable cosmetic treatments safe?

As a dentist, majority of the treatments I provide are dental treatments. However, I provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments too. I usually provide my patients with verbal instructions after the treatment and to reinforce it, give them a post-operative advice sheet to take home.

I tell them not to apply make-up for the next 24 hours and make sure that they comply with the instructions. But why is it so? Why is make up application after an aesthetic treatment problematic? After a aesthetic treatment which can reduce or breach the skin function as a barrier, such as injectables i.e. anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, the bacteria , fungi and viruses which live on the skin will have a chance to penetrate the skin and cause infection or skin irritation. Cleaning the skin prior to the treatment, reduces the risk of such contamination.

Also the make up or the make-up applicator that a patient uses are not sterile; they have pathogens and allergens.

Therefore applying make-up too soon after the treatment will deliver the germs and allergens to the puncture wounds, increasing the risk of infection or an allergic reaction.

I believe that giving patients verbal and written instructions for Dos and Don’t after the treatment should be reinforced with educating them with the facts.

So I can happily wave goodbye to them at the end of the treatment knowing they will have an uncomplicated recovery after the treatment.

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