Orthodontic treatments for adults, A to Z of what you need to know

These days, having straight teeth is not a luxury but a must have. Orthodontic treatment has moved from being an aesthetic treatment to being a corrective essential one.

First impressions are made within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone.  With the impact and perception of a nice smile as an outstanding personal feature, many people are concerned about how their smile may affect their chances for employment or advancement in competitive social situations such as dating.  

Kelton Research carried out a digital perception study on the images of men and women with straight and crooked teeth. In the study, participants were shown images of people with various dental issues and asked to give their honest opinion about them, unaware that they were comparing people with straight teeth to crooked teeth. Results of the study indicated that participants perceive people with straight teeth to have more desirable qualities than those with crooked teeth, these qualities included being happy, being loved and professionally successful.

The Increased demand for straight teeth in older generations has led to new discreet orthodontic systems being developed. Clear aligners known under different marketing names such as Clear Smile Aligners or Invisalign are the example of such developments, they straighten teeth like metal braces, yet they are more affordable, comfortable, less noticeable and more compatible with people’s life choices.

These are the facts worth knowing about orthodontic treatments for adults:

1.       There is no age limit. As long as you have healthy gums you can have orthodontic treatment at any age.

2.       They are more affordable than you think. You can have straight teeth for as little as £2000 per jaw.

3.       They can improve your health by reducing the plaque accumulation and reducing the risk of decay and gum disease.

4.       Straight teeth can boost your confidence and give you an advantage in a competitive social interaction such as a job interview or dating.

 At Caspian Dental Clinic we acknowledge the increase demand for straight and whiter teeth.  Our experienced dentist provides modern short term orthodontic solutions such as invisible aligners and Inman aligners. With these systems, teeth can be straightened in as short as 6 months. Tooth whitening can be combined with the orthodontic treatment for maximum smile enhancement.  Should you wish to know more about our orthodontic services, please visit our treatment pages.

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