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Dental Implants Watford

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw in order to support a replacement tooth or bridge. This procedure is considered when you have lost a tooth or several teeth due to a periodontal disease or injury. Implant dentistry, unlike other areas of dentistry, only works with healthy tissues, which means tissues may adapt and recover fast, thereby resulting in minimum pain.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Natural look and appearance: Ceramic implants are ivory-colored, similar to the colour of a natural tooth root, therefore making them a more visually attractive option than metal implants. Our dentist in Watford will ensure that when the procedure is finished, the results will be entirely natural and indistinguishable from your original teeth. 

Durability: Our dentist in Watford ensures a high dental implant success rate. The manner in which dental implants operate allow them to become a part of your jawbone. Furthermore if you maintain proper oral hygiene and have frequent dental check-ups, the implant has a high chance of lasting a lifetime.

Bone loss prevention: If a tooth is not replaced, it will eventually lead to bone loss. By fusing to the jawbone and supporting it, dental implants, unlike other replacement alternatives, can help stimulate the bone to repair itself and stay healthy. You might be wondering why bone loss prevention is so important. Our dentist in Watford believes that it helps to keep the jaw and gums healthy, minimising the risk of fractures and other oral health issues spreading throughout the mouth. 

Lastly Dental Implants is a tried and tested procedure. Caspian Dental Clinic has fitted countless successful dental implants making this a popular surgery that has proven to enhance oral health.