Dermal Fillers – Lip Enhancement Watford

Look younger with Dermal Filler treatments in Watford

Non-surgical dermal filler injection effectively plumps up the skin by filling deep lines and wrinkles, smoothing away contours to give a younger image. To achieve the best results, we may recommend a combination of facial fillers with Botulinum toxin A treatments, it will provide a soft  natural appearance.  Dermal fillers  are growing more popular as the results are natural, safe and long lasting. After treatment, lines and wrinkles are reduced and a younger appearance is immediately visible.

Popular areas for treatment include nose to mouth folds, smoker lines, dimples and pits caused by acne. Dermal fillers can also be used to create more difined and plumper lips. Lips act as a frame for the teeth in the smile zone.For many people the lips are the first point of attraction in the facial profile. Hence enhanced lips are considered desirable.

Lip enhancements are especially popular amongst young women, wanting more sensual lips. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips in a number specific areas, we recontour the lips as well as plumping them up.

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