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Emergency Dental Appointment Watford

Emergency Dentist Watford

Damaged or missing retainers, broken wires, and other concerns pertaining to your teeth straightening treatment, whether traditional braces or Invisalign, can be resolved by booking an emergency appointment with our dentist in Watford.

At Caspian Dental clinic, we’ll advise you on whether an emergency appointment is truly necessary, as well as how to control discomfort and apply a temporary fix until your appointment. Contact our dentist in Watford if any of the following apply to you or someone in your care:

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth with an exposed nerve can be quite painful and needs quick dental assistance. It is preferable to visit the dentist as soon as possible in order to alleviate the pain and save the damaged tooth. If there is swelling, an anti-inflammatory drug can be used, however aspirin should be avoided since it might create clotting issues after the tooth is extracted. It is advised to consult your dentist in Watford or call an emergency number. 

Jaw injury

If you think you’ve cracked or dislocated your jaw, applying ice or a cold compress will give you some temporary relief however you must rush to your  dentist in Watford as soon as possible! 

Damage to Dental Crown or Braces

These are the kinds of dental crises that can happen even if you have regular dental treatment. They require quick dental advice and assistance in order to avoid additional harm to the Dental Crown or Braces.

Damaged or lost retainer

If you lose or break a detachable retainer, our dentist in Watford can create a new custom retainer for you by taking a scan of your teeth. Avoid the danger of teeth sliding out of alignment and contact us right away.

Broken Braces

Brace damage can occur in a variety of ways, with some requiring quick care more than others. The following advice applies to typical brace problems; however, if the breaking was caused by a larger dental condition, such as an accident that damaged the teeth or jaw in addition to the brace, a medical visit to our dentist in Watford may be necessary. 

Any part of braces can be damaged or broken including The brackets, The band, The spacers and the wire itself that links the other pieces are all susceptible to damage or fracture.

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At Caspian Dental Clinic in 22 Aldenham Rd, Bushey, Watford we cater to all dental emergencies. In case of urgent treatment requirements feel free to call us on 01923254979 and our dentist in Watford will try to accommodate you on the same day.