Short term orthodontic treatment Watford – Invisible (clear) braces and Inman Aligners Watford

We offer Short Term Orthodontic treatments in Watford

Short term orthodontic treatments or cosmetically focussed orthodontics can be defined as Orthodontic treatment that focuses on the alignment of teeth in the aesthetic zone (the front teeth only), has no effect on the occlusion and can be completed in less than nine months.

Cosmetically focused orthodontics is a very powerful tool because it is:

  • Conservative
  • Quick
  • Predictable
  • Lasting
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to alternative restorative procedures

Cosmetically focused orthodontics is a philosophy of treatment that can be delivered with removable spring appliances (Inman Aligners), as well as clear aligner system (such as Clear Smile Aligners or Invisaligns).

In the majority of adult patients, we find that immediately following a course of short-term orthodontic treatment there will invariably be some degree of differential tooth wear or “black-triangle” formation which may necessitate further cosmetic treatments. This is usually very simply dealt with by composite bonding with or without prior tooth whitening, but the patient must be aware of the potential for further cosmetic work at the outset.

The whole concept is simply called ABB or Alignment/Bleaching/Bonding.

At Caspian dental Clinic, our certified practitioner provides Inman Aligners and invisible braces also known as Clear Smile Aligners or Invisalign. We are a private cosmetic dental clinic situated at the heart of Bushey in Watford, Hertfordshire with a passion to give people confidence to smile and we are proud to have many satisfied patients who regained their confidence with smiling after their orthodontic treatment with us. This is what one of our patients says about her Inman Aligner treatment:

“I am incredibly impressed with the results from the Inman aligner. The difference it made in such a short time was unbelievable. Not only that but the care from Dr Mirzakhani has been fantastic. The most relaxing, pain free and friendly dentistry experience I have ever had.”

Nicola Fuschillo

Want to compare different systems of cosmetically focussed orthodontic treatments and see which one is most suitable for you? Then request the whitepaper for the treatment.

Please watch the videos to learn more about the appliances we provide.

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