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Smiling can boost your mood

Psychologists have found that even if you’re in a bad mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by smiling

Smiling can boost your immune system

Your body is more relaxed when you smile, which contributes to good health and a stronger immune system.

Smiling Relieves Stress

Your body immediately releases endorphins when you smile, even when you force it. This sudden change in mood will help you feel better and release stress.

Smiling helps you get promoted

Smiles make a person seem more attractive, sociable and confident, and people who smile more are more likely to get a promotion.

Smiling is powerful

The effects of a smile are so powerful that even on the telephone it will get positive results.

Smiling is more attractive than makeup

Research shows that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup.

Smiling is contagious

In a Swedish study, people had difficulty frowning when they looked at others who were smiling. Instead, their muscles naturally twitched into smiles.

Smiling is easier than frowning

Scientists have discovered that your body works harder and uses more muscles when frowning than when smiling.

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness

While hand-shakes, hugs and bows all have varying meanings across cultures, smiling is known around the world as a sign of happiness and acceptance.

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